Martinist Order of Unknown Philosophers

(Chevillon-Chambellant Lineage)



French documents translated into English

"Following a communication from the Director-General of Editions Bussieres, who own the copyright to Robert Ambelain's books, we have complied with a request to remove the translations of his books until further notice. We apologize for the loss in service, and hope that we will find a way to resolve the situation to the Greater Glory of God in the near future. In His Name, Piers A. Vaughan."

Sedir, Paul, 1910. History and Doctrine of the Rose Croix. Translated by Piers Vaughan, 2006.

Saint-Martin, Michel de [Marcel Roche], 1955: Revelations. Translated by Piers Vaughan, 2006.

Saint-Martin, Louis-Claude de: Man, His True Nature & Ministry. Orig. Translation by Edward Burton Penny, 1864

Saint-Martin, Louis-Claude de: Aphorisms and Maxims.

Saint-Martin, Louis-Claude de: The Spiritual Ministry of Man.

Saint-Martin, Louis-Claude de: Ten Prayers.

Saint-Martin, Louis-Claude de: The Red Book.

Saint-Martin, Louis-Claude de: Theosophic Correspondence. Orig. Translation by Edward Burton Penny. 1863.  Electronic publication 1949 by Theosophical University Press: thanks to the Martinist Yahoogroup for permitting the addition of this document to this page.

Saint-Martin, Louis-Claude de: Natural Table of the Correspondences between God, Man and the Universe, 1782, Chapters 13, 14, 15, 16, 17,18, 19, Translation by Piers A. Vaughan, 2003.  LATEST UPDATE AS OF 10-30-2003: 7 Chapters Complete.

Esoterism of the Our Father

Bulwer-Lytton, Edward: Zanoni.

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